Giving your children a healthy, active start to life.

Fitness Programs

We offer a variety of specially created programs including strength and agility training, kidz boxing and kidz yoga. Regardless of skill, ability or age, we welcome all kidz to get involved!

Kidz Active Play Parties

Filled with fun, active games and funky music. From sack races to the giant parachute, this is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s next special occasion.

Health Benefits

Physical activity in kidz is proven to promote growth, development and mental health. Help us give your child the best start possible while having fun and making friends!

Fun Filled & Social

All of our programs are set up to maximise fun, promote teamwork and create a friendly social environment. From active play games to obstacle courses, each session is new, exciting and fun!

Healthy & Active

Physical activity is proven to have a wide range of physical and mental benefits for children. At such an important stage in their development, we strive to educate in and encourage healthy habits and lifestyle.

Nutrition & Food

We are experts in nutrition and healthy food choices. Out team aims to help your child understand how and why to make healthy food choices to set them up for their active life!

Our Mission

Giving your child a healthy, active start to life.

I believe in encouraging our children to get involved in physical activity from a young age. Children like to be active and it’s up to us as parents to help them build more physical fitness into their lives.

Kidzpower fitness can help you with educating and inspiring your children in making their lifestyle more active, enjoyable and healthy.

Improves attention span and calmness levels in children with ADHD.

Builds strong bones & muscles.

Improves posture and reduces risk of injury.

Helps relaxation and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.