Educating & inspiring your children to get active!​

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Fun & social fitness for kidz of all ages

Kidzpower Fitness is a fun filled, non- competitive, social fitness program which is in a safe and supervised environment.Our highly qualified experienced fitness professionals are here to help and encourage your children develop a healthy active platform therefore setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Experts in Nutrition & Exercise

We focus on teaching the right form and technique to exercises, making training programs lots of fun with music, active play games, obstacles courses and relays while incorporating our wide selection of kid’s fitness equipment.Our team will educate your children in good nutrition, encouraging them to make wiser food choices and understanding the benefits of good nutrition.

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Keeping Kidz Active


Alicia Kearney


Mother/Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor/Group Exercise Instructor/Nutrition with Fitness

Specializing in Children’s fitness.
With over 5 years experience in strength training.

My love for kids and Fitness has led me to this amazing path of educating children to live a healthy happy active life.

I believe being active from a young age to have a positive connection to being Physically, mentally and  emotionally connected, therefore giving our children the best start to life.

Guest Trainers

Emma Thompson

Nutrition Specialist

Emma Thompson a nutrition student specialising in kids nutrition. Emma has a passion for leading a healthy and ethical lifestyle and loves encouraging others to do the same. Teaching children healthy eating habits is paramount to their future and health and Emma believes that with this program the children will be motivated and excited to pursue an active and balanced lifestyle.

Emma will be educating our Kidzpower children in making wise food choices. There with be discussions on the connection between nutrition and exercise. Emma will share her expertise in some fun healthy recipes that children may like to try at home. All children taking part in the program will receive printed nutritional information and a food diary to take home.

Murad Ozkeskin

Football Coach & Player

Murad Ozkeskin is a former IIIawarra football player and youth grade football coach with over 15 years’ experience in the football Industry, he has played for clubs in the IIIawarra area, winning leagues and grand finals. 

Murad will be focusing on football fitness, ball skills, drills and fun agility games followed by a fun game of football.

Murad is excited to share the love he has for this beautiful game called football.

Diane Talty

Yoga Expert

Hi my name is Diane Talty, I have been practising yoga for twenty five years. I currently teach yoga at Northside at the Hive in Woonona on Wednesdays at 9.30am and until recently taught classes at Manic Organic in Woonona. I teach a gentle flow yoga that is suitable for everyone regardless of flexibility or experience. I am also a volunteer yoga teacher with the charity A Sound Life, taking music and yoga into areas where it is most needed, hospitals, including the Children’s hospital, disability services, mental health, women’s and youth and services as well as aged care facilities throughout Sydney and the Illawarra.

I am looking forward to sharing and teaching the practice of yoga with children in a Kids fitness and wellbeing programme.

Kidzpower Fitness is a Fitness Australia Accredited Business!

Fitness Australia is a non-profit industry association, that exists to professionalise the fitness industry through engaging in partnerships, advocacy, delivering education, quality and accreditation. Fitness Australia supports the industry to deliver an environment for more Australians to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.